Why Choose a WordPress Theme?

Content management services are rising in popularity and take a hug market of the internet. People generally select WordPress as the preferred platform because of its ease of use if you're new to website creation.

In addition, the platform offers a lot of customization through plugins and themes. There are both free and premium templates that someone can choose for their own needs.

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Is There a Learning Curve?

No coding is necessary because any setting can be changed and stored via the control panel. Every theme includes custom settings that provide a very easy roadmap for a website.


Parts of a WordPress Theme?

WordPress themes can be found in the subdirectories. When accessing the site from your preferred FTP client, the theme will be foudn in "wp-content" and then "themes." When you first set up WordPress, a default theme will be installed. It is best to browse for themes and find one that you like. However, you can stay with the default theme if you want.


With so many options availabl it is important to research what other people are saying. Read some unedited and unfiltered reviews now!

Great product for website themes and I would always recommend them.

Thanks to Aarcadethemes, my website looks super modern!

They always have a theme available for any project I have going on. Great work, thanks for everything!

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