Why Aarcade?

Theme Collections

Theme Collections

Quantity and quality

With Aarcade, you’re not tied to a single theme or design. Your one-time purchase gets you a theme collection, including all of the themes listed above.

Test drive any of these themes, in your own private preview area, to decide which is the best for your shop and brand. If you change your mind down the road, we’ve got you covered. You can install a different theme from your collection to your online shop whenever you like.

Always up to date

Theme updates and variations all become available to you automatically at no extra cost. Whether you stick to one theme for years, or change every few months, you’ll have access to the latest design and features for your theme.


They always have a theme available for any project I have going on. Great work, thanks for everything!


Thanks to Aarcadethemes, my website looks super modern!


Great product for website themes and I would always recommend them.


Admin Area

Easy customisation

Your theme collection is managed in your own secure area at Aarcade, completely separate from your online admin. There is no downtime for your shop, as you set your theme options and preview your changes before you install to online. You can even name and save your customised themes, to work on them in your own time and install them whenever you are ready.

Easy installation

Aarcade’s install tool walks you carefully through installation. You do not need to write any code or have any web experience. There are no files to download and open. The tool provides everything you need at each step to help keep installation focused, easy and error free.

Aarcade themes work with all of your existing orders, products, pages and other admin settings, so there is no need to recreate any of these items.

Safety first

Even if you have hundreds of products and complex custom pages at online, you can install an Aarcade theme at any time without risk to your important content.

Additionally, our back up instructions ensure your Aarcade theme installation can be undone if needed.

Admin Area - online Themes

Theme Options

Custom options everyone can use

Every theme has Aarcade’s standard custom options built in, including product grid size, social network links, product image zoom type and much more. Every option is set and saved at your Aarcade admin controls, no coding required.

Colours and fonts galore

Install with the default colours and fonts or tweak them until your heart’s content. Aarcade admin colour pickers include a transparency slider for semi-transparent colours and our font pickers let you set any font from Google’s enormous library.

Theme Options - Themes

Any Device

Any Device - Themes

More than responsive

Aarcade’s themes not only adapt, but dynamically load higher resolution product images in response to your visitor’s device size and pixel density.

Set a custom width, or free your product grid to fill to the edges of the largest monitor, and your Aarcade theme will ensure the best image size is always loaded.

To improve page load times, your Aarcade theme delays loading images where possible and gives you the option to show different content for smaller devices.

The best design gets out of the way

All of our theme designs are based on the same approach; minimal design that remains highly functional without getting in between your visitor and your products and content.

On small screen devices, navigation automatically reduces to a single menu bar to provide the maximum screen space for your content.

All you need is

All you need is a Platinum (or higher) account to install an Aarcade theme. If you don’t have an account yet, you can get started now at and be ready to sell online in minutes.

Fully compatible

Your admin area - and all settings outside of your Customize design area - are unaffected by theme installation and are fully supported by your new Aarcade theme.

Inside your Customize design area, your Aarcade theme makes use of the existing handy tools to easily upload header, background and slideshow images.

Your page edit controls are unchanged but, with your Aarcade theme, they become a significantly more powerful tool for controlling your menus and custom content.

 - Themes

Built In Tools

Built In Tools - Themes

Powerful tools built in

All of the unmatched tools you’ve come to expect from Aarcade are built into every one of our themes. Plus a few new ones.

Our unique shortcode system means you can type simple lines of instructions, amongst your normal page text, that will be transformed into complex content by your clever Aarcade theme.

Yes, we’ve got slideshows

That’s slideshows, plural. Shortcode can be added anywhere, as many times as you need. So you can display slideshows, galleries, columns, maps, products, blog posts and more, on your home page and wherever else you want them.

How did you get here?

Your Aarcade theme keeps track of how your visitor navigates to your product pages and renders previous and next links, breadcrumbs and other product links accordingly.


Internationlise - Themes

Your shop, your language

Whether you want to apply a different language throughout your store or just change your Add to Cart button text, Aarcade’s built in translation tool makes it easier than ever.

No more searching through theme code, your replacement text lives in a single special purpose page that is maintained even if you upgrade or change your theme.

SEO done for you

Our themes automatically take care of technical SEO, freeing you to focus on your products and pages.

auto-SEO (i.e. robots.txt, site map, etc.) is fully supported; coding is validated to the latest HTML standards; page titles are SEO structured; canonical links are defined for custom domain users; and extensive page and product meta tags are rendered.

Social Networks

Your social network links, as well as site and product sharing tools, are all set at your Aarcade admin prior to installation. Your social icons are rendered as fonts, which means their appearance will remain crisp on all devices and you can set your own colour and size.

Social network meta tags - including Facebook, Twitter and Google - are automatically rendered on each page to improve content sharing.

Developers and Multiple Shops

Web masters and multi-shop owners

You can add and edit multiple licenses at your Aarcade admin, and the cost of extra licenses is reduced. Coupled with the ability to save your different theme edits, Aarcade admin is built for installing themes to many shops. Your own or your client’s.

Advanced designers and curious tinkerers

In the Aarcade admin, custom CSS and external style sheet links can be saved with your theme versions. With an external style sheet open in your favourite editor and your Aarcade preview open in your browser, you’ve got your very own development space.

Aarcade previews operate independently of , so you can design away without affecting your (or your client’s) shop.

Aarcade themes were built with flexibility in mind, including specific class names for precisely targeting elements and states. Our feature-rich themes and extensive support site are a great foundation for your own advanced customisation.

Developers and Multiple Shops - Themes


Support - Themes

Let the support sites speak

When we compare web apps and digital products, we compare their support sites too. This often reveals the developers that are truly passionate about their product.

Over 100 articles and counting

We continue to dedicate more hours to the Aarcade support site and services than to any other aspect of our operation. Support articles are expanded and fine tuned over time so that answers, examples, tips and tools can be found quickly and understood by everybody.

Our goal is to ensure that our customers get everything they can from our themes, and this is reflected in our support site.

Aarcade is closed

We have closed our Aarcade project indefinitely. This archived home page remains online for reference purposes only.

Aarcade products and services are no longer available for purchase.

If you are an existing Aarcade theme user, you can still access your theme tools with the following links:

Aarcade Admin

Aarcade Support

We sincerely thank all of the people that have worked with Aarcade and enjoyed our products over the years. You made the trip worthwhile!

The Aarcade team


by Aarcade

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Theme Collections

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